Teppanyaki Leeds
Where you will find a dining experience like no other!


The word Teppanyaki is derived from “Teppan” meaning iron hot plate and “Yaki” which means means to grill or fry.

Sit around our teppan hot plates and watch as our chefs cook your food using their theatrical skills, juggling, flipping and with a dash of fire, your meal is prepared for you before your very eyes.


Experience The Extraordinary

Immerse Yourself In The Theater Of Cooking

Teppanyaki's highly skilled chefs will be your personal chefs, entertaining you while cooking your favourites such as steak, chicken, seafood, and fresh vegetables in the traditional Japanese Teppanyaki style on our hotplates.

Whatever the occasion, whether it's a family meal or a catch-up with friends, our team at Teppanyaki has you covered. Our extensive menu is filled with dishes that everyone is sure to enjoy, catering to both fussy eaters and the more adventurous among us.
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